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Prolonging the Life of Garage Doors

11/02/2013 Back To Blog

Garage systems are not replaced often but they are not meant to last for a lifetime either. The greatest desire of homeowners is to keep them for as long as possible without compromising the security of their homes or their safety. The truth is that manufacturers give out specific instructions of the expected life span of each component and, at first glance, their longevity would depend on the frequency of usage, too.Prolonging the Life of Garage Doors

Of course, the best way to ensure longevity is garage door maintenance. When you are checking, lubricating and adjusting the components often, you can expect greater efficiency from their part. Lack of regular lubrication and maintenance, for example, would result in the friction among mechanical parts and this way they would wear down much faster.

Supplementary ways to ensure garage door longevity

Apart from the obvious benefits of garage door repair services, it is wise to consider two major parameters, which will guarantee that the current system will last longer and offer greater security.

• Upgrading the opener. Apart from the expected garage door opener repair in times where there is a specific problem with its motor, you can also upgrade the entire system by adding new features. Today, there are many ways to enhance safety and ensure security whether you choose timers to automatically close the door behind you or extra safety sensors. The new backup battery system will give you full autonomy in case there is a sudden power failure. Having a strong, upgraded opener is important for the longevity of the system. It keeps it modernized and more resistant against threats.

• Replacement of various components. When you are replacing solely the panel or making any other significant changes to the system, you should consider checking some other parts, too.  A new panel, for example, would need new garage door tracks, possibly spring replacement and more powerful openers while new tracks would also need new rollers and cables. Inappropriate springs, for example, won't be able to lift an extremely heavy door and the system won't be able to operate properly. Installing the appropriate parts would mean the system would be strong enough to carry on serving you for much longer.

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