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Make sure you understand home maintenance. Here are some FAQs for garage door repair. The best answers to all kinds of garage door questions. Read on and to better understand your garage door. These answers will sort things out since they are short and practical.

Can someone copy my remote code?

It's highly unlikely, especially if you own contemporary remote controls with the rolling technology, which changes the code every time you are entering the house. Theoretically, hackers could trace codes of the older universal garage door openers but the specialists at Garage Door Repair A Any Garage Door Co inform us that new clickers have high technologies and are hard to break. Hence, you can rest assured that your home is safe as long as you upgrade the remote.

Why does my garage door move slower?

There are various reasons according to Garage Door Repair A Any Garage Door Co. The most common explanation is openers, which don't have sufficient horsepower to move the door, and that's why it's important to check its power when you replace the door. Loose garage door cables will also slow down the movement as well as springs, which have lost their flexibility or are not suitable for the heavy panel. It's possible you'll need to make some replacements.

When must I replace the springs?

Officially, springs should be changed when their life span is completed. Each spring is manufactured to last for certain number of cycles. Most of them would last for 10,000 cycles but there are garage door springs, which would last for sixty or one hundred thousand cycles. Remember that when one of the extension springs for garage doors is damaged, you must replace both of them. As an overall, it's good to replace springs before they're totally weak.

Are safety cables a must?

You don't have to install safety cables but they will be very useful for your torsion spring garage door system, especially during strong winds and times they're ready to snap. Safety cables won't let the torsion spring snap and fly in the garage and you will avoid injuries.

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