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How to Keep Springs Strong

11/02/2013 Back To Blog

No one can really deny the huge importance of garage door springs for the efficient operation of automatic systems and most homeowners would know by now that these components can be very dangerous if they are not properly maintained. Hence, there are two basic reasons why springs ought to be kept strong and there are two ways to achieve that.How to Keep Springs Strong

Spring maintenance and repairs

No machine will serve you for long without proper maintenance. This is an actual fact and it is applied to garage systems as well. When it comes to torsion or extension garage door springs, the need to maintain them often is obligatory. This is better understood when you fully comprehend their mission. Although, different springs would elevate doors of different weight and they are installed in different parts of the door, they all have the same mission, which is to lift the door. Panels are extremely heavy and, thus, springs must be flexible and powerful enough to carry through their job.
Galvanized garage door torsion springs will not rust whereas oil tempered ones may erode but regardless of their type and life span, they would all need to be lubricated, adjusted and checked periodically. This procedure of maintenance would keep them strong and resistant to weather fluctuations and daily use. Of course, sudden problems and wears and tears, which come over the years must be taken care of immediately with the proper torsion or extension springs repair.
Checking and replacing springs at the right moment

Springs would usually last for about ten to fifteen thousand cycles depending on their type and whether they are maintained regularly and it would be wise to proceed with garage door torsion springs replacement before they become totally weak. You must also watch out when you are replacing the panel. Not all springs have the ability to carry the load of any door. Carriage doors and large size wood ones, for example, would be very heavy and would require a combination of extension and torsion coil trampoline springs. It's good to check and replace them in order to ensure safety and efficiency of operation.

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